Saturday, 23 June 2012

Twenty questions for the creation of Indo-Islamic Identity, Pride and Power

Questions to Muslims
1)      Can we help in getting back to the roots of our identities-for example Sikhism as a pietic Hindu-Muslim syncretic faith not a martial faith?
2)      Aim for a westernized secular Islam-the dream of Jinnah
3)      Varieties of Islam in the Indian sub-continent move towards a federal unified structure under an assertive Indo-islamic Social identity with a sufi umbrella.
4)      Asserting peaceful, egalitarian Islam of the Deccan, Sindh, Kashmir over entire sub continent.
5)      Affirmative Action for Muslims, like free training for IIT as opposed to Reservation.
6)      Destroy Myth Creation
7)      Restore Indo-Islamic Power, Pride and Identity destroyed by British.
8)      Pakistanis are culturally Indian.

Questions to Hindus

1)      Promote even erstwhile enemies like Taliban to support India.
2)      Allow a person to support Aurangzeb and yet be Nationalist Indian Muslim
3)      What is your reaction when Maulanas of Deoband aggressively question Musharraf?
4)      Encourage ideas like Mughals are not foreigners, even the Taliban is Indian.
5)      Support Regional Indian, not religious identity, say Bengali, Deccan and Kasmiri identity.
6)      Destroy Separate Electorates which live today as Reservation, encourage Afirmative Action
7)      “Pure Indo Islamic, Bhakti-Sufi Identity”, which integrates Hindutva of Advani and Paak Islam of Jinah.
8)      Modern Extention of great Indo-Islamic Empires

Finally Qs To Indians
I will not say wise things like Defeat the enemy within, but more practically
1.      Chodo Kal ki Baaten
Karen aane wale kal ki baaten
2.      Do not compromise with enemy, but compromise with your opponent
3.Defeat your opponent with love
4.      Make your rival your best friend
Your best friend can be your rival

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