Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Management Education vs Ishaqzade

Directed By Siddharth Saxena(Habib Faisal)-Produced by Professor Munish Alagh.(Aditya Chopra)

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.(William Butler Yeats)

Management Education some times appear to me like a plot directly from the movie “ ishaqzade” where two opposites   are  trying to get  and bite each other to death but in end they are to meet together. Destiny will make them come together or may be the plot in which they are dwelling will make them come  together.
 Some where now in between all the big bubble of MBA ( and we don’t mean  Mane  Badhu Avdey chey)   there is big gap between the needs and supply and that is not quantitative but in a qualitative sense. So when we say that it is like  the  movie “ishaqzade” it does holds true as one side we have stern supply side  which is based on may be well established principles by UGC or populist teaching mechanisms  like case studies and role plays on other side there is a rigid  demand side which wants prepared products ready to deliver form Day A, and prepared  with perfection to “ T”. So we look at some of the point that  management education of  India  in our understanding lacks

 MBA is no more  about contemporary issues , may be not even understanding about it , its more like   giving out assembly products with factory default parts of finance, marketing , human resources to name a few enabled. Appreciation of liberal studies is no more there, which have the direct reservoirs of leading to  creativity and innovative problem solutions , but may be we are too  skewed to see it .  We may want to show off in a economics class by saying that we read economic times and  knew that rupee has appreciated but if we ask the same person , so what’s the reason , we can see the fevi quick effect. Appreciation of subjects like economics and liberal studies is almost nill. If we talk about book on these subjects we can count in a batch of 120 that they may know   three  more books  than their text book, and then we question why we don’t get people who think in a cross discipline manner. Some times we need to count how many 24 cross libraries we have . Even if we have how many of them have books on literature , current affairs and regional languages. Something which needs to be thought of  as we want tomorow’s manager grounded and in touch with there roots.

 Lets just look beyond the books , and the context as well , songs are important in movie for mal masala, as you want one  song “ like ishaqzade” and pareshan , you want ancillaries in management also which are in lines with eating spaces and facilities  as well. As in movies where you need people who just give that fire to your ticking bomb , a faculty interaction with students  is a must and pivotal , one cannot be skewed with limited number of teaching hours and get it done ,  teaching is about interaction and with students its pivotal. Students also need to   feel an  esteem associated with the institute , as a actor feels associated with blockbuster . Management education can deliver a blockbuster like Ishaqzaade but appropriate mal masala is to be given.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Ishaqzaade, AMU and thoughts on Hindu Muslim Relations in India

1.Why are movies on Hindu-Muslim love so chaotic, violent and crisis prone?
2. Why are Muslim associated educational institutions in India not able to match up, for e.g. AMU?
3. Why are there such few young muslim professionals in the Higher Grade of Management, Pilots? CEO's, Senior Executives?IIM MBA?
The reason-since 1935, when Jinnah gave up the dream of a westernised, secular,united India we have just not tried to fight for progressive values,till 1965 we were still recovering from partition, we tried a bit in the seventies and early 80's and then realised we had to be proud of our own religion first, so now we have done that, As AR Rehman has shown Vande Mataram is a thing to be proud its time again to make Indian Modern Islam top priority, and hurrah to Hindu-Muslim relations..otherwise Regressive Values will win..the answer to Aggressive Islam is not Maha-Arti but United India...don't ban books...ban hate..ban those who ban like the young Jinnah who faught against seperate electorates, not the one who faught for a division of India...
Reference-Jinnah, By Stanley Wolpert, 1984, OUP.