Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Ishaqzaade, AMU and thoughts on Hindu Muslim Relations in India

1.Why are movies on Hindu-Muslim love so chaotic, violent and crisis prone?
2. Why are Muslim associated educational institutions in India not able to match up, for e.g. AMU?
3. Why are there such few young muslim professionals in the Higher Grade of Management, Pilots? CEO's, Senior Executives?IIM MBA?
The reason-since 1935, when Jinnah gave up the dream of a westernised, secular,united India we have just not tried to fight for progressive values,till 1965 we were still recovering from partition, we tried a bit in the seventies and early 80's and then realised we had to be proud of our own religion first, so now we have done that, As AR Rehman has shown Vande Mataram is a thing to be proud of....now its time again to make Indian Modern Islam top priority, and hurrah to Hindu-Muslim relations..otherwise Regressive Values will win..the answer to Aggressive Islam is not Maha-Arti but United India...don't ban books...ban hate..ban those who ban books..be like the young Jinnah who faught against seperate electorates, not the one who faught for a division of India...
Reference-Jinnah, By Stanley Wolpert, 1984, OUP.

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