Monday, 12 March 2012

Identity politics, conservative voter and societal-equilibrium

Indian and specially UP politics is like a train compartment were different passengers of different identity want to sit peacefully together and discuss, they don't want the social equilibrium to be disturbed, yet each wants his own conservative, traditional and caste community specific identity to be protected and fed, Hindus want that noone eats beef, yet they in normal circumstances don't want a "loud" violent cow protection campaign, they don't want the NGO, think-tank kind of liberal politics nor do they want disturbance of peace so both rahul and bjp fail, meanwhile in states like rajasthan were Congress maintains traditional conservative and yet peaceful equilibrium it does well in Gujarat were that has been checkmated thru a fissure in society running deep the congress finds itself nowhere.......Nehru was able to checkmate the Indian masses conservative thinking due to his stature while Rahul has tried to do so but has failed till now

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