Wednesday, 4 December 2013


I have personally seen how shallow are Gujarat Governments claims of integrated and inclusive development in Gujarat while surveying 360 farmers across Gujarat for a project of Ministry of Agriculture on Marketed and Marketable Surplus and while Researching for an ICSSR Project on a Franchising model and Rural Entrepreneurship in North and Central Gujarat.
1). Krushi Mahotsavs are one-off efforts, the Government machinery in Gujarat including most Government offices are moribund  staffed by lazy indolent officers.
2.) Long Run multiplier Rural development efforts are missing-no effort is made of a kind of Rural Non Farm Sector Development, although a large potential exists in Gujarat with many members of families underemployed in villages, there are no long term rural nonfarm projects either in manufacturing or services of note which can develop rural labour.
3.) Traders continue to exploit, national schemes of marketing boards are not backed up by State Government officials since the purpose is only to bag credit if possible.
4.) As a recent CAG report has outlined gross wastage, bias and misappropriation of funds in terms of doles to Corporate houses exists in Gujarat in last five years.
5). Gross Wastage through tall claims of (unrealized) investment in Vibarant Gujarat has led to immense wastage of public exchequer in Gujarat, the money could be better spent on: say, the adivasi girl child..
6.) Human Development in terms of Health, Education and Human Capital in Gujarat is way behind states like Karnataka and Kerala. Let us take some examples:
a) Bangalore, Hyderabad , Pune et al have developed as Service and knowledge hubs and expanded greatly in last ten years, Ahmedabad, Baroda etc lag behind miserably.
b) Education is in great trouble in Gujarat, I have personal experience of this- apart from national institutes very few institutes of note with local faculty exist, there is rampant politicization with vice-chancellors selected who a decent college in Delhi will not select as a lecturer. Statistics Department, Economics subjects like Indian Economy and Humanities Subjects have been completely sidelined, since such subjects have a liberal impact.
c) Entertainment and Culture is severely restricted. Atif aslam concerts are banned, Hussain-Doshi Gufa vandalized.
d) Disturbed Areas Act is Randomly associated with various areas to prevent Religious intermingling. Ahmedabad is completely sergreagated in terms of Urban Spaces, Baroda also now increasingly.
e) Recently a Japanese Restaurant has opened near PVR Cinemas, Fortune Temura, it serves magnificent Japanese Cuisine, similar restaurants in Delhi are choc a bloc full with local clientele, in Ahmedabad you will not find a single person in that restaurant even at peak hours and this is not because of bias against nonvegetarian food, its just ignorance of cosmoplolitan tastes.

f.) As Amartya Sen has shown health figures in Gujarat are shocking.