Friday, 22 June 2012

This team of Contemporary Indian Muslim Players could Defeat Bangladesh and maybe even Pakistan…

It would be nice for some people to know that although we can have a team with the following players having a common religion, we think of it as a ridiculous concept, which it actually is...there is nothing ever possible like a team of Indian muslims.. altho we could have it if we wanted to..i would like to remind some of my friends who will consider this post ridiculous and somewhat embarrasing..that there ARE actually some teams in the world based on religion, so what i am talking of is relevant..its just that we are above such with that goes..
Zaheer Khan(Captian)
Muhammad Kaif
Irfan Pathan
Yusuf pathan
Shami Ahmed
Wasim Jaffar
Iqbal Abdullah
Syed Quadri
Shadaab Jakaati
Syed Muhammad
Shahbaaz Nadeem
Twelth Man-Ali Murtaza

+ following reserves
Syed Qadri
Abu Nechim
Kamraan Khan
Samad Fallaah
Faiz Fazal
Abrar Kazi
Asad Pathan
+young Players like Armaan Jaffar and Sarfaraz Khan in Bombay Local Cricket league and other under nineteen players

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