Sunday, 29 July 2012


You should be happy when she says:I want to c the cofee table books in yr home you can drop me back;Be sad when she says-I've come with the gang have to go back with them..Be happy when she says  O U r so funneee...i've never laughed so much...Be sad when she says..u Tire me out..Be happy when she says...O I've laways got time for U, just come, Be sad when she says...I'll be busy its Radhika Didis marriage i may not have time...Be happy when she says...U hit that late cut superbly, I was watching...Be sad when she says..learn something from Deepak, he's such a champ
Be happy when she says ...thats a nice Activa u have there, let's go for a ride..Be sad when she says...I'll go with Rohit in his new mobike, u can follow with Sandhya in your activa; Be happy when she says:O u go swimming in sports club we'll go there and have Chinese later at Stadium, Be sad when she says:Rohits got membership in Rifle club, the water there is cleaner; Be happy when she says:O so u go to CTF and have litchi juice after athletics practice, don't u want company?, Be sad when she says: U r so fat already whatever u work out u put on by hogging;Be happy when she says:I saw u at atira the other day, we can walk together from today, be sad when she says-I like to walk only with my exercise friend Rohit, we keep tempo; Be happy when she says,U r my seventh best friend, be sad when she says-I don't believe in comparing friends,nyways we are just getting to know each other; Be happy when she says:Can u show me how to solve that sum?be sad when she says:U'll really get along with my friend Panauti, i'll try to fix u guys up...

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