Saturday, 1 October 2011

Yusuf Pathan, rahul Dravid and India's cricketing future-Automatic versus Reflective Thinking

According to Psychology there are two ways of thinking-automatic, which is instinctive and reflexive which is studied, yusuf Pathan's style is obviously automatic, whereas Rahul Dravid is reflexive, whereas rahul was able to respond automatically in one day cricket to some extent, his response was not enough to make India reign supreme in a permanent manner, how much yusuf pathan is able to hone his automatic style, however will decide India's cricketing future...
According to Thaler in his book on behavioral economics"nudge"

the automatic system is rapid and is or feels instinctive, it does not involve what we associate with the word thinking.When you duck when a ball is thrown at you unexpectedly, or get nervous when your airplane hits turbulence, or smile when you see a cute puppy, you are using your automatic system, the parts of the brain associated with the automatic system are those associated with the oldest part of the brain, the part we share with lizards and puppies, the reflexive system is more deliberate and self concious.
The automatic system starts with no idea how to play golf or tennis, countless hours of practice however make one avoid reflection and use thae automatic system, (thus rahul could have possibly become even a greater one day player, )good golfers( like good cricketers) know the hazards of thinking too much, and might do better to just trust the gut and "just do it", the automatic system can be trained with a lot of repetition-but such training needs lot of time and effort, one reason why teenagers are risky drivers is that their automatic system has not had much practice and the reflexive system is much slower.

Reflexive thinking involves following rules, but automatic thinking does not involve breaking them, infact automatic thinking if honed does not need to be destructive, infact automatic thinking can coexist with reflexive thinking in the same person, witness yusuf's long match-winning innings for proof!!

If Yusuf can rely on his automatic system without getting India into trouble, our teams cricket life and his will be easier better and longer, but this means honing his automatic system to perfection like Viv Richards.....

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