Monday, 3 December 2012

WHAT GUJARAT WANTS...Leadership Model required in Gujarat...

What is actually required in Gujarat is a leadership in terms of liberal values while representing the mainstream opinion, what do I mean by this? What I mean by this is an ability to appeal to the representative middle class Hindu voter without pandering to him. Let us assume that the typical voter in Gujarat is say Jigar Bhai, lets call him Mr J, now assume that he is basically aggressive about his opinions and wants to protect what he believes are Hindu values, is it not possible to build up a movement, a leadership which while respecting all shades of opinion as different colours in a rainbow, basically remains steadfast in protecting both the conservative and the liberal viewpoint firstly but not just in the majority community, also in the minority community, inherently struggle for what is right…what do I mean by that? how is that achievable in reality? well firstly to state upfront that violence or retribution is no solution to conflict. Then, to sit down with various shades of opinion allow them to express themselves while setting limits as to what extent they can go in attacking each other. It is true, that people have different values and opinion, about communalism itself, the solution is not vigorously attacking what you perceive as the enemy, but in trying to satisfy all shades of thought and people with not just different but sometimes conflicting objectives without necessarily pandering to their biases, it is possible for example to allow a business person like Mr J who has a very limited short run vision for example to feel that it is possible to satisfy his objectives while other “people” are also benefiitted, for this he must feel he has a stake in a kind of development, that is multifaceted, that focuses not just on projects and missions, handouts and doles, publicity and grand slogans, but also on follow up in terms of independent strong unbiased ledership. How, asks Mr J, will an unbiased truly decentralized model of development which helps the “last” man, help him? Well it is true…it is difficult to convince the profit minded MrJ blinded temporarily to all notions of fairness and unbiasednes, convinced that MIGHT is RIGHT, looking for “strong” rather than value-based leadership that a Rational model can work for him, for this you have to be steadfast in your resolve to aim for a marriage of Rationality and Strength, Development and Equity, the simple logic which Mr J understands is that if the size of the cake is larger that will benefit him, not if it is cut into equal sizes, you have to explain to him that when you are anyway having to share the cake with others, it is important that the cake distributors are strong but unbiased and that you get your share without having to struggle for it with people who are convinced that the world is out to get them. With a model based on distrust, Mr J needs to be made to realize that in all probability he will get a mangled, crushed piece of cake.
How do we actually marry Rationality with Strength? By being rational and strong oneself, for that it is important to down the line in your organization build up values focusing on service and unselfish service at that, adherence to the values based on commitment to truth and simplicity, grand promises and loose talk should have no place in a Rational Organisation. Also strength which is truly powerful is not mixed with thoughts of revenge and retribution against anyone, it also does NOT ALLOW actions, words and slogans against its values by the members of the organisation.

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