Wednesday, 7 November 2012

"Sach(Truth)-IN"Wistful ramblings of a western Indian dreamer....

from my little lair in western india...obama's winning somehow reminds me of those days and nights Jinnah spent with Gopal Krishna Gokhale in a steamer-cabin enroute to London!!-which prompted Gokhale to say-Jinnah has the right stuff in Him!! and jinnah to aim to be the muslim gokhale..somehow i can visualise the two talking deep into the night with Jinnah hanging on to every word of his brahmin maharashtrian mentor...i know there is no apparent connection..but according to me there is a connection...reading about such events like Obama's winning and the few moments in Indian history when the rainbow of liberalism has had a chance..make me sigh wistfully and dream for the impossible....does my rambling ring a bell?...anyone???

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