Friday, 12 October 2012

Can the real Indian please stand Munish Alagh

Really let us face upto one fact-your worst enemy can become your best friend and your best friend can become your worst enemy..wasn't it Jinnah who once hailed " the living spirit of patriotism..surging through India's pulse.".."it has taken its rise from a new-born movement in the direction of national unity..brought Hindus and Muslims together involving brotherly service for the common cause."
Let us not be "personality focussed" or leader focussed" that case we can make a large list of politicians who should be put behind bars...can we develop a national spirit of unity and move in a positive direction, forgetting the past and focussing on not emotions but a secular person i could claim that even Vajpayee is guilty for a lot of things..u can reply by saying that Manmohan, Pawar,Laloo,Mulayam are all guilty...let us develop a culture of accountability not blamibility like Kejriwal...that will be the real Indian Revolution..leading to the "true" Hindu (Growth rate of not less than 10%..but we need to be Arjuns and Lakshmans or atleast Karnas and Hanumaans....)

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