Thursday, 24 November 2011


As far as reading is concerned i started with amar chitra katha, Archie and Richie Rich, progressed to Enid Blyton-Five Findouters, Famous Five and Secret Seven, I was enthraled by Frederick Trotevile"Fatty", progressed further to Agatha Christie and PG Wodehouse, in Agatha particularly liked Curtain-Poirot's last case, and Wodehouse was fascinated by Psmith and enjoyed Uncle Fred and Muliner tho took sometime to get to Jeeves, some Ludlum's like the Bourne Series and racy Sheldon's (Other side of midnight) later i proceeded to Non-fiction with Ideaof India(stil to read Idea of Pakistan, wonder if ever will?), Shashi Tharoor's "From Midnight to Milenium", Edward Luce's "Inspite of the Gods" , Francine Frankael, Ramachandra Guha, Bipan Chandra's India After Independence and India's Strugle for Independence(tho not in full).Other books which i read substantially tho not in full were books on behavioral eco like nudge, fooled by randomness and animal spirits.Meanwhile since school days text books like NCERT Books on History and Maths(tho i did not do justice to Maths in School) and in BA-Chiang's math eco and Gujarati's basic econometrics and Masters Dornbusch and other reference reading on topics like Welfare Eco-Nath, Mishan, Bruce and Boadway, I particularly enjoyed a monograph of Manohar Rao for Indian Economic Journal on Money Deficits and Inflation(me and a student worked on it later,while teaching i basically worked on Mankiw's Economics basic text, tho progressed to Dornbusch and Case and Fair in last two years at AES now i am progressing to reading speeches from RBI websites and completing my reading of Chiang, Gujarati and Froyen's MacroEconomics among other readings, ofcourse articles on oped of Eco Times, Financial Express, Hindu, Indian Express, Times of India and magazines like India Today, Frontline, Outlook are read quite often........

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